Our story is one of love, family, and belonging. Over three decades ago, the Chambliss family was attending a church service when Willie C. Chambliss Sr. casually referred to his significantly large family as the “Chambliss Nation.” Though our roots are in the small town of Gifford, Florida, many relatives are spread out around the world. From that day forward, people referred to us as “Chamblissnation.” Though we were scattered internationally, we felt this name connected us somehow, regardless of the many miles between us. 

Willie C. Chambliss Jr., aka Boogee, recognized the weight the name carried and was inspired. He created a logo  with #Chamblissnation name. He also recorded family events and posted them on social media outlets. It wasn’t long before others grew inspired by our undeniable unity, and more people began to wear our shirts as if they were extensions of our family. 

When Boogee passed unexpectedly from COVID related complications on September 14, 2021, we made it our mission to continue what he had started. In this way, we honor his memory and fulfill his purpose to bring people together. January 14, 2022 marked the beginning of Chamblissnation Apparel. 

Now, Chamblissnation doesn’t just belong to us - it belongs to you. YOUR PEOPLE MY PEOPLE WE FAMILY

Profit % Sales goes to the Bella’s Life Fund